Real BBQ in OC is finally here.

Lou’s Brews & BBQ has the most mouth-wateringly delicious barbecue in Orange County.

All food is made with love in our from-scratch kitchen.

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About Us

A genuinely warm welcome

Combined with first rate friendly service

There’s a reason why Lou’s Brews & BBQ in Huntington Beach has created such a loyal following among diners in not only Orange County, but all around Southern California. Our perfect combination of Southern hospitality and mouth-watering barbecue dishes keep BBQ lovers coming back for more!

We Cater to you

Enjoy us time and time again

Let us cater your next special event or party! You’ll get the same delicious food that you enjoy in our restaurant, as well as world class service. Here at Lou’s, we put our reputation on the line so yours looks even better.

No BBQ in OC? Not true, says Lou!

We cater parties of all sizes, both large and small.


  • Baked Mac
    - 10 -
    3 cheese mac w/ some extra goodness, topped w/ bacon, bread crumbs, and cheese
  • Wings
    8 deep fried wings covered in house buffalo sauce, served w/ranch & blue cheese dressing
  • Tender Lovin’
    6-7 crispy, fried tenders, tossed in bleu cheese, buffalo sauce, sprinkled w/ bleu cheese
  • Grilled Cheese Quesadilla
    add pork, chicken, brisket or turkey (+$1), add tri-tip or linguica (+$2)
  • Onion Rings
    crunchy, deep fried onion rings tossed in beer batter & panko bread crumbs
  • Pigs N’ A Blanket
    polish sausage rolled in a puff pastry, served with our tomato basil aoli & BBQ sauce
  • Tri-Tip Chili
    tri-tip n’ chorizo slow cooked with fresh veggies and spices


Standard Selection: Pork, Chicken, Brisket, Turkey. Premium Selection (per-portion) Linguica (+$2), Tri-tip (+$2), Ribs (+$3)

  • Single Barrel
    choice of meat, 2 sides, and garlic bread
  • Cowboy Grill
    smoked linguica, tri-tip, and a quarter chicken w/ 2 sides and garlic toast
  • St. Louis Ribs
    half rack ribs, 2 sides, and garlic toast. (add $4 for full rack)
  • Double Down
    choice of 2 meats, 2 sides, and garlic bread


  • Pulled Pork
    - 10 -
    slow cooked pulled pork tossed in tangy Q’  or spicy Q’ sauce
  • BBQ Brisket
    - 10 -
    slow cooked brisket tossed in house BBQ sauce
  • BBQ Chicken
    - 11 -
    rotisserie cooked chicken, chopped-n-tossed in BBQ sauce
  • BBQ Linguica
    - 12 -
    smoked linguica sausages, cut in half and grilled  w/ BBQ sauce
  • BBQ Tri-Tip
    - 12 -
    rotisserie cooked tri-tip sliced thin and covered in BBQ sauce
  • Black N‘ Chick’n
    - 12 -
    our blackened rub marinated chicken, topped w/ bacon, avocado, and american cheese
  • DG Sliders
    - 12 -
    3 sliders, choice of: brisket (slaw), pulled pork (slaw), chicken (slaw), turkey (cranberry sauce & gravy), tri-tip (onions & pickles) {+$1}, linguica (BBQ sauce & pickles) {+$1}
  • Hot Turkey
    - 12 -
    thanksgiving style sandwich, stuffing, cranberry, and gravy
  • Cold Turkey
    - 11 -
    rotisserie cooked turkey with lettuce, tomato, onions, and cranberry aoli
  • Red Oak Dip
    - 11 -
    keepin’ it simple with tri-tip and au jus for dippin’


  • Buffalo Chicken
    - 12 -
    blackened chicken in buffalo sauce with black beans, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, salsa, n cheese
  • Cowboy Burrito
    - 11 -
    choose your meat and sauce, 3 cheese mix, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa
  • Turkey Wrap
    - 10 -
    rotisserie cooked turkey, black beans, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and our creamy cilantro dressing


ADD +$2 {pork, chicken, brisket, turkey} or +$3 {tri-tip, linguica}

  • House BBQ Salad
    house salad mix w/ tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, black beans, shredded carrots, & 3-cheese mix
  • Grilled Romain
    grilled romaine heart covered in salsa, corn salsa, pepitas, cilantro dressing, and parmesan
  • The Wedge
    classic wedge salad, iceburg lettuce, onions, tomatoes, bacon bleu cheese dressing & crumbs
  • Easy Caprese
    fresh tomatoes sliced thin with mozarella, basil, and balsamic glaze to top it off


  • Protein Plate
    house salad mix w/ tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, black beans, shredded carrots, & 3-cheese mix
  • Rotisserie Chick’n
    slow roasted, smoked chicken, house salad, and choice of side; lean, mean, w/ plenty o’ green
  • Veggie Plate
    fresh grilled veggies, our house salad, and choice of 2 sides


  • HB Burger
    - 14 -
    bring your appetite; topped w/ pepperjack cheese, bacon, and egg over easy, and fried onion rings
  • BBQ Bacon
    - 13 -
    simply put, bacon, and a lot of it; topped w/ cheddar, BBQ sauce, and fried onion strings
  • Buffalo Bleu
    - 13 -
    topped w/ bacon, bleu cheese n’ buffalo sauce, bleu cheese crumbs, lettuce, and tomatoes
  • B.Y.O. Burger
    - 11 -
    free: lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, fried onions, sauces

    $1/ea: – jalapeño, avocado or guacamole, bacon, cheese (pepperjack, cheddar, american)

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